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        Company Profile
        Biolegeen is the world's leading provider of biodegradable materials, products and solutions. We are committed to R&D and industrialization of biodegradable plastic technologies. Keeping in mind the concept of "Green products for a better world", we persist in innovation and have obtained a leading position globally in the realm of biodegradable mulch film. We have established complete biodegradable plastics technical system and mastered the core technologies in various fields, including raw materials R&D, production technology and process, and the special production equipments. We have gained 3 invention patents and 3 new utility patents in China, and have obtained proprietary intellectual property rights.
        Biolegeen produces BioSuee? starch alloy, uses BioSuee? and organic macromolecular materials to produce totally new polymers, which have perfect biodegradable properties and possess the physicochemical properties of the original macromolecular materials. The new polymers are applicable for film blowing, curtain coating, hot-forming materials, compound addition, injection molding and extrusion processing technologies. The new material can replace the common plastic products so as to be widely used in agriculture, horticulture, retail, tableware and waste disposal sector, and in packaging of industrial, medicinal, food and electrical products as well.
        With the conviction of “Green products for a better world”, we employ our expertise in biological plastics to engage people in different regions to join in Biolegeen’s project via “clean production “and “green consumption” and strive to reap maximum social , economic, and environmental benefits.
        Biolegeen’s products have been used in a lot of countries, such as: China, Japan, Finland, France and others. BioSuee? farming mulch films are used worldwide in cultivating cotton, maize, tobacco, sweet potato, beet and other crops.